Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mindful Practice

 Resilience is so important for youth and over all everyone, but in the tools of importance being and having mindfullness is such an important role to have in a classroom, after school programs, and a general aspect to have in life. 

For Youth have mindfullness will create a space that they will be able to acheive more in time and also create a space where individuals with behaviors that sometimes arise in the classroom will now be occur less often. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016


This election has been a world wind of opinions and unanswered facts that need to be answered. As a proud american who appreciates the privlages we get for just being a citizen of this country and also loving history from ancient to now its let just say interesting. They say look to your past to not repeat it in the future but in some ways how can we during this election. One is a male that has never been in politics and a women who has but has the FBI looking into her. 

I believe now that in current day society it is important for the youth to be informed of the current politics and elections that happen because they can see what will be in there future of policy and what will happen to not just them but grandparents, children, peers, parents and ect. Although, this election is hard to be honest as a adult who trys to listen to the debates is hard to get the grip of it because of the fact that they are not making solid points in their debates. watching the debates is like watching two children having tantrums over on toy but we are not a toy but a country that needs to get back on its rails to pure politics and points. 

First, we have a male of white privlage who shows racism against middle easterns and hispanic/lations/latinas and a sexist who says that it is okay to just grab a womans P**** and that if a woman is assulted she should think of why or what she did. do we want a man that wants to send us back 40 years? I think not. 

Then, a women of white privlage who has worked in politics that has lied about certain events and has had a scandal of national security emails getting exposed how could we trust her with the country/?

I am honestly scared for this country with the political election going on. 

1. what will happen with the wage gap?
2. how will middle easterns and hispanics/Latinos be treated when they have done nothing wrong?
3. We will be sent back 40 years in history?