Friday, December 9, 2016


Ideology, it is a set of beliefs and values a person has when it come to life but in particular is in youth work. How we work with you and the place we decided to work at will have a set of beliefs, values, and norms aka ideology as a system where we align ourselves with. In youth work there is three ideologies risk and resiliency, positive, and critical work. Each one is great because it is based on the individual and how the individual as a youth work does with the set of beliefs they stand with. Personally, my ideology is positive and critical youth work.  I say this because I believe that working with you and not saying to youth is my personal approach. I feel that as a society we have to recognize all that youth is facing and that they do have the knowledge to lead and we should foster those skills and enable them to grow more and more by each others side. I believe that youth can help change are community and society with many aspects of justice, political, race, gender, sexuality, and more if we give them a safe environment to do so through support and encouragement. I could go on and on about are youth and my ideology but I will leave it at this that will youth workers and youth working together with no hierarchy we can make a enormous societal change in their nuclear environment and also society as a whole with one talk at a time. 

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