Friday, December 9, 2016

YOUTH WORK IS… Context Mapping

My Context Map:

Achieved Identity: A individual that has or is experiencing crisis and has recognized and accepted the situation but still is happy with one self. The situation and/or crisis is not nessicarly bad it is a situation the individual can handle and something the enjoy working on.

Foreclose Identity: when others choose an individuals identity for them because they are pushed into doing something they are not comfortable in or have never experienced in a crisis.

Moratorium: when an individual identity has gone towards the crisis but with no commitment. This is when an individual faces their roles, beliefs, relationships, etc. that they are not committing to.

Diffuse Identity: this is when an individual is leery from trying experiences that could involve crisis and commitment. This is where anxiousness comes into play with a crisis especially when it towards new experiences.

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