Friday, December 9, 2016

TED Talk

 Invisibility, it is how one can feel or how you can make others feel based on actions of what you say or how you treat one another. In Hobson TED Talk the focus on invisibility of race in society from institutional racism. Myself, have I felt invisible? I had to think about this a lot and to be truthful I in a way felt invisible in some small aspects but not as much as other individuals. I have felt invisible in the classroom in my life because i have dyslexia and neurological disorder from epilepsy through that I was seen as just a person that was holding a chair in the classroom  but not vaulable because of the fact I for awhile to not accomplish anything and if I did it would only be to graduate high school.

YIA fights the invisibility by sharing stories fights back against invisibility through talking about real political, racial, and social injustices in the world. Although, they do YIA talks t fight against it and change the system and how that the differences make the community, state, and country great because of are diversity.

As youth workers we need to make a space that every child of races, religions, ethnicity's, class, gender, and etc. are respected and wanted in the classroom, after school programs, and every space and that they all matter no matter where they come from and what race they are that they can accomplish the same as those who might look down on them and prove them wrong that regardless of what others say and think that they can and will do amazing things in there life.

Race,  color blind is a saying people say that they do not see race but color brave is about seeing color and loving the diversity in all of us. I love the concept color brave how she says willingly "to have proactive conversations about race" this affects teachers, to scientist, and CEOS. That diversity  in race, intellects, gender and such that is how we can succeed diversity of all in the environment. Hobson says to "invite people of different color, opinions, and such will help challenge you and push you to think differently". In youth this important to invite people that dont look like you or see things like you can make you into a person that you couldn't of been without it that youth deserves hope. Hope that as a society we can treat and tell all youth that they can be anything.

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